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Ever since Taylor Swift picked up a guitar and took over the world, country pop became a staple of modern music. It’s also a touch stale. That’s where 20-year-old phenom Bethany Becker breaks the mold. The hallmark of her sound is sincerity through sweet innocence, wrapped in a self-awareness rare for her age. She also has pipes for days, and the simple yet effective songs of young love and self-discovery to back it up. Fairly certain we’ll be hearing more of Bethany Becker in the months and years ahead.

The Huffington Post

“Country singer Bethany Becker, has just released her brand new single entitled, “I Want Love”, via Spectra Music Group. Coming from Austin Texas, at only 19 years old, Bethany already sounds like a super star. She loves country music, cowgirl boots and her fans. Leaving on tour in a couple of weeks, Bethany told me about her inspirations, and her dreams, and her future journey...”

Creative Motion Online

  Singer/musician Bethany Becker began her pathway professionally in the Christian entertainment industry only six years ago. But for Becker, at the age of 21 today, it may seem like a lifetime ago that she recorded the very first songs that triggered her career.
   “I went to Nashville and wrote the first three songs with Liz Rose, Keith Follese, and Adrienne Follese, when I was 15,” Bethany Becker told CM. “I released those as an EP when I was 16, and finished the rest of the album with Jeff Pardo when I was 17.”
   That album was repackaged and re-released in 2018, and since has gained traction with music aficionados of faith.
   “I designed all of the new packaging myself and I’m very proud of it, because I’m not a graphic designer and it took me a while,” Becker added..
   Becker conveyed that it was “very surreal” having the opportunity to work with people like Liz Rose, who she witnessed receiving a Grammy with Taylor Swift.
   “It was very fun and very educational,” she said. “You can’t get a better crash course in songwriting than by working with the people who are constantly writing hits.”
   Becker’s album is a combination of her personal experiences and features some of the most talented writers and producers in Country music. 
   “It’s super fun, but it has real substance to the stories and the lyrics. I take my music seriously, but not too seriously!” Becker explained. “I  hope that people can see themselves in my songs. It has always been a main goal of mine to create music that connects with, and impacts, people. It’s cool watching people of all ages be touched by my music.”

Kings of A&R

Bethany Becker is a 16 year old singer-songwriter and a country pop artist from Austin, Texas. She has already gained considerable amount of attention with her three song EP. She has written with some of the top songwriters and producers and was recently nominated for an HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media) Award. Check out the video for Maybe More which already has garnered 30k views. Becker is an artist to watch.

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