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Terms and Conditions

For good and valuable consideration, I hereby irrevocably grant to Bethany Becker (and his licensees, assigns, and successors), who I know anticipates creating various works of authorship (as enumerated in Section 102(a) of the Copyright Act), including but not limited to musical compositions, sound recordings, audiovisual works and reproduction thereof (collectively referred to as the Works), my consent and full right to:

·       use my personal story idea submission as the basis and inspiration for one or more of the Works;

·       interview me, and record by any means, reproduce, and take notes on such interview(s), and exploit such content in connection with the Works and Bethany Becker's career for all purposes;

·       to commercially exploit in any way, forever and throughout the universe, the content or product of any such submissions and/or interviews, recordings and reproductions of them, and any materials I provide to Bethany Becker, in whole or in part, with or without credit to me, in connection with the Work(s) and in any related derivative works or subsidiary works (such as publications) by any means now known or later developed (all of such rights shall be defined herein as the Acquired Rights), with the unlimited right to reveal fully, quote directly, paraphrase, edit, rewrite, or otherwise exploit the products, results and materials related to such submissions and interviews;

·       to describe and portray me and/or any episodes or biographical history of my life, in whole or in part, and to use my name and any pictures, photographs or likenesses, and biographical history of me (alone or with others, including members of my family) in connection with any exploitation of the Works and the Acquired Rights.

I hereby agree that I shall have no right, title or interest (including without limitation any intellectual property rights such as copyright) in or to the Work(s) or the Acquired Rights (or any material included in them), and that I shall have no claim of any kind or nature whatsoever against Bethany Becker or her heirs, executors, licensees, successors, agents and assigns based on the exploitation of any rights granted hereunder.

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